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Appeal - Shri KVO Seva Samaj Book Bank

KVOSS Book Bank and Computer Loan programs are working for better future of our KVO Students which will help them to be on par with the modern and fast moving arena in this competitive world. Our Vision: to serve our community, help our KVO families by saving the cost of purchasing books and have one computer in each house which can help students to work on various projects and other educational needs, accomplishes us in our mission of working for betterment of KVO community.

For completing our vision and mission, the biggest challenge and the most important need of the hour is Fund. We need funds to purchase new books for new courses being introduced, new books for syllabus being changed, books for competitive exams which change almost every year, to maintain existing books (binding etc), buy second hand computers & to re-furbish them so that they can be given to our students at nominal one time charge, to facilitate 0% interest EMI for students (higher education) needing laptop and many more such needs.

We appeal to all people of our KVO Community to come ahead and contribute towards Book Bank fund so that we can give the best to our future pillars (students of KVO Community). An Appeal to all successful people who have been part of KVO Seva Samaj (through books from book bank or any other activity): It’s time to pay back friends. Small drops of water can create ocean, Remember “Together we can & together we will” can help us uplift our own community.

"DRASHTI" Scheme

Rs. 11 Lacs - 1 year sponsorship of Book Bank

Rs. 5 Lacs – 1 year sponsorship for one stream (Engineering /Medical / Commerce + Science + Arts / competitive exams)

Rs. 2.5 Lacs – 1 year sponsorship for CA / LLB / MBA / BMS

Rs. 1 Lacs - 1 year sponsorship for 1 Standard ( e.g. FYJC / SYJC / BCOM /BSC)

Rs. 51 thousand - Book Bank “SAHYOGI DAATA”

Rs. 11 thousand – Sponsorship for 1 student ( any stream )

Rs. 5 thousand – Donate 1 BOOK SET

"PRAGATI" Scheme

Rs. 11 lacs patron sponsorship for computer bank.

Rs. 5 lacs for 100 computers.

Rs. 1 lacs for 20 computers.

Rs. 51 thousand for 10 computers.

Rs. 25 thousand for 5 computers.

Rs. 5 thousand for 1 computer.

For Donation Please Contact

Manish Damji Gala           - 9820443544
Hitendra Tokarshi Vira     - 9819041005
Jiten Nemchand Dedhia - 9819000929

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